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If you are a fan of j-pop style of music and love the talented Hello Project's music groups here is a new iPhone app for you. The graduated Morning Musume pop idol Kago Ai has a new clock app jsut for you. What is cool about this app is since Ai's graduation from the Hello Project's musical artist line up she has been busy with acting and modeling.

With this app you can set the alarm to wake you with Ai's voice (14 phrases total) with up to three alarms with a snooze option. Every hour a new picture will display on your screen with the time, date, and day of the week. Options across the top of the screen allow you to change from 12 hour mode to 24 hour mode; set the Sleepblock on; set three alarms; and a picture gallery of all of the photos with a zoom option

Kago Ai Clock appKago Ai clock AppKago Ai clock app controls

This app is not for just anyone except for devoted j-pop fans! This app is available in the US and Japan
iTunes App Stores. Other countries app stores may also offer this app. It was reported that this app was only available in the Japanese app store. I took a gamble and bam there it was downloading! So if you love Kago Ai's music and acting skills as much as I do, get this app.
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MauiPenguin hopes you enjoy a slice of his favorite dance moves while listening to Morning Musume’s Resonant Blue song (remember to buy the song like he did if you like it at yesasia by clicking on the list above or individually below).

.-Resonant Blue Single V (Japan Version) music video
.-Resonant Blue Normal Edition (Japan Version) 3 song single